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Deep Dive Strategy
Session or 3 month Creative Strategy Program


Deep Dive Content Strategy

1, 90 Minute Call

Option to Add
4, 60 Minute Calls for an additional $997

Many people just need a deep dive session to help them get clarity on their purpose or strategic plan. My focus is on your internal understanding of who you are, your core message and your 

 If you're interested in working together for a longer period of time, you can choose to work together longer with 4, 60 minute calls + email support & customized resources for $997

Choose your goals:

  • Clarify the direction of your creative project
  • Clarify your business direction and purpose
  • Create and implement a strategic plan that moves you toward connecting your message, product or services with the people who need them
  • Nail down your customized marketing strategy
  • Maximize your potential by exploring what you have to offer and where you fit

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5 Week Program


Fascinate® Advantage Report, Develop Your Personal Anthem and Voice Strategy

5 Week Program
Weekly 60 Minute Calls

If you're looking for a quick, developmental path to understanding who you are as a personal brand and/or how to find the highest use of your particular voice, this program is for you. 


  • 5, 90 minute calls
  • Your Full Fascinate® Advantage Report
  • Customized Video, created to explain your personal Fascinate® Advantages and expert insights
  • Create your own personal anthem (tagline) that expresses you at your best, to bring focus to your purpose and branding.
  • Personalized copy (words) to help you describe and differentiate what you do and what you bring to your clients and customers.
  • Work through all the information you need to know before working with a graphic designer to come up with your visual branding
  • *I am not a graphic designer, but I can prepare you to work with one so you get the visual branding right.

1 Available per month

2-Day Virtual Intensive
Creative Strategy


Impact By Design Elements: Core Message, Identity Statement, Creative Contribution & Strategic Action Guide  

2 Day Intensive
+ 3, 90 Minute Calls

If you: 
* Feel trapped because you know you have much more to offer but you're not sure how to offer it,
* Want a clear understanding of your purpose/identity for your life & your brand, 
* Want to know what direction to take with your message and/or your entreprenurial ideas,
* Don't want to waste another day of your life in indecision and frustration,
* Are ready to invest time, money and energy into your future impact on the world,
* You want to be seen and heard in ways you never thought possible,

Then the Impact By Design Intensive is for you.


  • 1, 90 minute pre-intensive call
  • 2, 90 minute post-intensive calls
  • 2 day virtual intensive (a working retreat) for 4-5 hours each day: Day 1 - Discovery, Day 2 - Design
  • Unlimited email support for 3 months
  • Everything from the Personal Branding Shortcut
  • Lifetime access to the Core Message Online Course as an Intensive client.
  • Rough draft of the Impact By Design elements created by Andrea after the Day 1 - Discovery session and reviewed/amended with you on the Day 2 - Design session
  • Create a rough draft of your core message, which runs throughout your offerings and helps you create a cohesive brand. 
  • Create a robust Identity Statement and Tag Line that ground you and your purpose-driven business or life in who you are.
  • Consider and develop ideas for your Creative Contribution (offerings as a personal brand/business).
  • Develop a Strategic Marketing and Business Guide that will serve as a guiding light as you make decisions in the future.
  • BONUS: *Go more in-depth with your core message in the online course that is included as a bonus*

"Andrea helped me see what I naturally do and say and showed me how I could turn that into a clear, profitable and helpful message that resonates with my audience. She's an unlocker: she takes the big vision, unravels it and then shows you how to practically make that vision a reality."

Holly Mthethwa