The UNFROZEN memoir is one woman's story, but it may be your story, too. 

Do you...

  • Hold back your deep thoughts and intense/sensitive feelings? 

  • Long for authentic, connected relationships?

  • Feel like you are too much for some people and not enough for others?

  • Want to find your place in the world so you can have influence and make an impact with your gifts?

  • Want to stop making pressured demands and start expressing a passionate invitation?

About the Author

From Andrea:
I used to believe that I was too much for others: too deep, too intense and too sensitive. I didn't know how to express my deep thoughts and intense feelings without overwhelming people, so I attempted to become what I believed God and others wanted me to be: good, strong and capable.

My attempts to contain and control my self-expression left me feeling frustrated and inauthentic. I knew I was made for more than a life of holding back, but how could I be me without ruining my relationships? My path through dating, marriage and young motherhood led me through unexpected disappointment, anxiety and depression, despite the amazing people in my life. The pain dug deep, but that's where I found the real me and a new way to love others with all that I am

I needed one more nudge to find and release my true voice into the world. That's when I met Elsa.

Join me in UNFROZEN as I tell the story of the events that led me to stop holding back and release the real me for connected relationships and extraordinary impact. It's time for us to change the world.

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